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Gun Range Safety
Gun range safety now in the forefront of many minds after a 9 year old girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor while shooting on a range in Arizona.
TOP STORY: Future Fuel
There are more than 250 million cars on America's roadways today, the majority of them using gasoline.
Travis Howze
A South Carolina man finding a unique way to cope with PTSD following a deadly fire.
Helping a Family in Need
Birthdays hopefully make you feel special, loved and important, but they can also be difficult when people are sick.
TOP STORY: Mission Possible
In our top story the SWAT Team in Chester is ready for action.

September 14, 2012: Rock Hill, S.C. -- As you know it's a big presidential election year, but here in our part of the state not all of the focus is on who will be the next president of the United States, but who will be Winthrop University's next top leader. A special committee to search and select the future president has been at work since April.